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Let’s talk about gutter cleaning. I know, on the list of things you want to do on a crisp winters morning or a scorching summer’s day, gutter cleaning has to be right up there with ‘paint watching’, and ‘sand grain counting’, but it is something that is actually really important.
No, really. Bear with me.
Gutters are meant to take the water from our roofs and deliver it to our drainage system and off our property. But if they are full with dirt and leaves and all manner of stuff, the water has nowhere to go.
Water is heavy. And corrosive. It’s not something you want to gather in one place and remain there for a long time. You run the risk of the water rotting away holes in your roof, and rusting and rotting your walls and your foundations. What begins as small leaks where the water gets into your house, turns into bigger dollar bills when you need to bring in someone to clean up the mess and fix the rotting roof.
Gutter cleaning suddenly got a lot more interesting. Well … a bit more interesting, because it can save you a lot of money and heartache in the future to just get your gutter cleaned regularly now.

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gutter cleaning Canberra

At CBR Gutter Cleaning Canberra, we will put safety ahead of anything else; your safety, your family’s, your property’s, and, of course, our own.
Working from a ladder takes experience and skill. You might think it looks rather easy, but 20 people in Australia die every year after falling from ladders. We don’t want you to be one of them.
Before we continue, perhaps now is the best time to also mention that we have a solar panel cleaning service, as well. Solar panels require a pristine surface to work at their optimal levels. Anything short of that, and your solar panels might be costing you money.
But every day your solar panels are in the elements, plastered with leaves and dirt and dust and the random droppings of whatever bird happens to fly above. The more space lost to this type of mess, the less space that receives the sun’s rays, and the less efficient your solar panels are.
Both of these services we offer to both domestic and commercial clients. You might own a shop, an office building, a hotel or you might be the property manager of a town house complex. It doesn’t matter.
If it has gutters or solar panels, we will clean them.
So, call us, or leave your details in the contact form. Our friendly staff are waiting to talk to you.

About US

At CBR Gutter Cleaning Canberra, we know how important it is to do a good job cleaning your gutters and solar panels. When you pay us to do the job, we will not take that responsibility lightly.
But doing a good job is not the only important thing, and may not even be the most important thing that you consider when deciding who will be your gutter and solar panel cleaning professionals for the years to come.
Because, as you are hopefully aware, neither gutter cleanings nor solar panel cleanings are one-off events. As everyone who has ever cleaned anything knows, it will get dirty again. Your gutters will become clogged again; your solar panels will become pitted with dirt and dust and birds will do their business on it once again.
So, we are not only interested in being your cleaning contractors for the current job, but for the jobs to come, and this means that will we strive to be the best gutter cleaning company at customer service.
We will arrive when we say we will arrive, we will strive to be friendly and courteous, to show respect to you, your family and your property. And we will go out of our way to make sure everything we do on our job is performed with exacting care and attention to detail.
If this is a company you want to work with, please call us to get a quote, or enter your details in the contact form. One of our friendly staff will be waiting to talk to you.

Gutter Cleaning in Canberra

Our Gutter Cleaning Services

Residential Gutter Cleaning Canberra

gutter cleaning Canberra

It mightn’t be at the top of your list of priorities, but not cleaning blocked gutters could have a much bigger effect on your property than just wanted not going down your drainpipes. Water pooling in the gutter because of clogged mud, dirt and vegetation can cause rot, mould and rust problems to your roof, foundation and walls.
Plus, the weight of the blockage itself could cause your gutter to deform, warp and sag over time. Cleaning your gutters could save you roof and gutter repair money in the long term.
So, call us for your gutter cleaning service. We don’t only clean your gutters, we also unblock your downpipes too, as blocked downpipes can cause water to pool up as much as gutters can.

Commercial Gutter Cleaning Canberra

gutter cleaning Canberra

Our services – gutter cleaning and solar panel cleaning – aren’t limited to domestic customers only. If you are in charge of the maintenance of commercial properties, you will experience the same problems with gutters and solar panels, only your problems will be multiplied with each gutter and solar panel.
So, regardless of how big the job is, how many gutters or solar panels you have, call us for your commercial gutter cleaning. Hotels, shops, school, restaurants, townhouse complexes, government offices, and more.

Solar Panel Cleaning Canberra

Canberra Solar panel cleaning

Solar Panels are up on the roof, doing their job day-in and day-out, always out in the elements with nothing to protect them from all the environmental stuff that can effect their performance, such as dirt, dust, debris and droppings.
You could by paying more for your energy than you should, if your solar panel’s surface is covered with the gunk and detritus of your environment, as it is only with a full surface towards the sun that the panels work at their optimum.
So, give us a call to get your solar panels cleaned and back to their full functionality.

If you are in Northampton, visit Guttering Northampton.

The company that you chose to work on cleaning your gutters should be highly experienced, well trained, and be extremely professional. But just as importantly, because they are working on your home, with your family, the contractors need to be reliable, friendly and trust-worthy.
At CBR Gutter Cleaning Canberra, we want to be that company for you. 
So, call us today for a free quote, or leave your details in the contact form, and our friendly staff will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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What Are The Signs That My Gutters Are Blocked And Need Cleaning?

It can be difficult getting a birds’-eye view of your gutters to see if they are blocked. Most of us don’t have access to a drone or our own satellite system, so we need to gather the clues closer to ground level.
But here are some ways that you can tell whether your gutter might be blocked with mud, dirt and all kinds of stuff, and might need a professional cleaning.
The first way requires it to rain. When it is raining, check your gutters and see if the water is sloshing over the sides. This requires a decent enough rainfall for this test to be worthwhile, but if the water is sloshing over the sides, it means that something is stopping it going down the proper route (i.e. the drainpipe).
For most of us, we don’t have access to a weather machine to cause it to rain to be able to perform the first test. This second test requires it to have rained at some time in the past, if not right at this moment. So, to perform this test, look at your gutters, and take note as to whether they are sagging or drooping. Water-logged dirt and debris can be heavy, and gutters are not designed to carry much weight for long periods of time, and might have sagged under the weight.
Thirdly, check the areas around your gutters for rust and mildew. Water that’s unable to flow down your drainpipes may begin to cause rust and mildew near the areas where the blockage is located.
A fourth way is to check to see what kind of wildlife, if any, are visiting your gutters. If you notice that birds are spending a lot of time visiting and looking around your gutters, you might have a blockage? Why? Because birds looking for nesting materials will become very interested in the leaves and twigs and little branches caught up in the blockage. Also, although this might be harder to notice, but if you happen to notice rodents in and around your gutters, this might be another sign, as rodents love the safety of a blocked gutter from predators.
And fifthly, check to see if there are any vegetation actually growing from your gutters. Vegetation needs soil and water to grow, so naturally, if any are growing up there, there must be enough soil and water to allow this to happen.

Do I Have To Clean My Gutters?

Gutters are very simple things; they are just a link in the process of getting water off your roof. But when they are blocked, this process struggles, and you are no longer in control of where the water is going.
When water pools because of a blocked gutter, it can cause metal and wooden surface to rust and rot respectively. This is a particularly bad thing for your roof and your hip pocket, as a rusted and rotted roof begins to leak, and repairs can be expensive.
Now, think again of that pooled water. Mosquitos are particularly attracted to stagnant, pooled water. If your roof has leaks, these insects will easily find a way inside your house.

Can I Clean The Gutters On My Own?

Ladders don’t look that dangerous, and you might think your gutters aren’t that high, but falls from even a few feet can result in serious injury and 200 people a year in Australia die from ladder related falls.
Climbing up and down ladders with equipment, stepping from ladders on to the roof, and stepping back on to the ladder from the roof, requires experience and training.

​And even knowing where to place the ladders, requires training, particularly when you consider that you will often be placing the ladder against a gutter that might have buckled because of being blocked and clogged, and may not be able to support the weight of the ladder, you and your equipment.
We don’t want you to become a ladder injury statistic. Don’t risk it; we will do the job quicker and safer than you could do it yourself.

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